Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.  What is Electronic (E Scan) Fingerprinting?

A.  Electronic fingerprinting is fingerprinting which is accomplished with the use of electronic equipment to capture an image of the subject's fingerprints. This technique is also sometimes known as inkless, live scan, or live capture fingerprinting, and it is in increasingly common use all over the world. In electronic fingerprinting, the fingers of the subject are rolled over a scanning bed which picks up the details of the fingerprints. The machine may be capable of printing out a card with the person's fingerprints, of adding fingerprints to identifications, and of storing the data electronically for internal use. In addition, the data can be sent out electronically for matching with remove databases. With electronic fingerprinting, the turnaround on a set of fingerprints can be as little as 24 hours.

Q. Should I consider fingerprinting my child / children?

A.  Many communities now support the idea of fingerprinting kids as a way to maintain reliable identification data that can be used in the event that the child is missing. Fingerprints can make it easier to determine the identity of a child that has been abducted and later escaped from the captor. As part of the fingerprint kit, cards that have the copy of the prints are provided to the parent or caregiver. Sets of these fingerprint ID cards can be kept at home, as well as in the child's school records. Electronic copies can also be kept on file with law enforcement agencies via national databases.

 Q. What is Card Scan and how can it benefit me?

 A.  Card Scan is the electronic conversion of ink and roll fingerprints submitted directly to the R.C.M.P. database by E Scan Fingerprinting.  This process will benefit clients who do not have access to electronic fingerprinting services in their area, such as persons living outside of Canada or in remote geographical areas.  The Card Scan process may significantly reduce wait times by several months.  Contact E Scan Fingerprinting at 1-877-673-8181 for more information or to begin the process.

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